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J Pretnar-Oblak, M Zaletel, T M Hajnšek, et al. Isolated bulbar paralysis in a patient with medullar tau pathology: a case report (J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2010;81:847–849). The authors misplaced the label number (9) in Figure 1 of this paper and therefore this area indicated does not represent the nucleus ambiguous. The reprinted version of Figure 1 represents the correct area for nucleus ambiguous.

The authors would also like to explain further the labels in figure 2C and 2D. 2C: Extensive tau pathology in DNVN composed of numerous neuropil threads and tau-positive neurons (arrows). 2D: Tau pathology of few neuropil threads in the SN (arrows).

Figure 1

The corrected version with previously misplaced number 9.

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