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The ‘eyes’ have it: a window into non-length-dependent small fibre neuropathy with corneal confocal microscopy
  1. Kenneth C Gorson
  1. Correspondence to Dr Kenneth C Gorson, St Elizabeth's Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine, 736 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02135, USA

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A distinctive clinical pattern of burning neuropathic pain and small fibre sensory loss involving proximal regions of the limbs, trunk and face has been characterised clinically and by the spatial distribution of skin biopsy abnormalities as a non-length-dependent small fibre neuropathy/ganglionopathy.1 The cause of this curious disorder remains unknown in the majority of patients, but investigators have postulated that the pathology may be localised to the dorsal root ganglia subserving small nerve fibres. The condition has been associated with diabetes …

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