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PA.03 Treatment practices in ESSTS members
  1. R Worrall,
  2. H Rickards,
  3. A E Cavanna


Aim To systematically examine prescribing practices in Tourette syndrome (TS) among European based professionals.

Method All members of the European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome (ESSTS) formed the sampling frame for the current study. A total of 44 clinicians from 18 different European locations who were currently prescribing for TS completed an online survey.

Results Risperidone (n=13 clinicians), methylphenidate (n=21) and sertraline (n=17) were the most commonly prescribed medications for the treatment of tics, ADHD and OCD, respectively. The vast majority of clinicians opted for SSRIs for the treatment of anxiety and depression. However, there was a large overall variability regarding both the medication choices and dosages used for each of these symptom domains. Subsequent analysis revealed differences in first-line medication choices between clinicians who prescribe for adults and clinicians who prescribe for children. For example, twice as many clinicians prescribed risperidone for children with tics (n=6) than for adults with tics (n=3).

Conclusion The current results provide an indication of the pharmacological management of TS in Europe. There is a need for general consensus on treatment algorithms for the management of tics and behavioural symptoms, which target specific patient groups.

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