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AG.01 Novel treatments for Parkinson's disease
  1. T Foltynie

    Thomas Foltynie BSc MBBS MRCP PhD trained in medicine at UCL, qualifying in 1995 then working in Addenbrooke's hospital, in Cambridge. From 1999 to 2003, he undertook his PhD in Cambridge looking at the heterogeneity of Parkinson's disease, describing differences in cognitive abilities between patients under the influence of various genes including COMT and BDNF, and τ. He finished his neurology training between Addenbrooke's hospital and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. While working in London with Dr Limousin, he has developed his interest in Deep Brain stimulation for PD and has developed a collaboration between PD investigators in Cambridge and London, specifically looking at genes which influence the risk of dyskinesia development in PD. He was appointed as senior lecturer and honorary consultant in the Unit of Functional Neurosurgery at the Institute of Neurology in May 2008. He has published over 25 papers related to PD, as well as one book and a book chapter on a PD.


The motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease respond well to dopamine replacement therapies. There are however few treatments available for the non-motor symptoms of the disease, which respond unpredictably to dopaminergic treatments. A variable number of years after treatment has been started for motor symptoms, patients develop fluctuations in their response to dopaminergic therapies. There is therefore much research to try and develop treatments that improve the motor fluctuations seen in Parkinson's disease, and also to treat the non-motor symptoms. Furthermore there are no treatments proven to be effective against the underlying neurodegenerative process and some new avenues of possible treatment for all these aspects will be reviewed in this talk.

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