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Abstracts from the Association of British Neurologists Annual Meeting 2011
021 Exploring the feasibility of using a Singhalese version of the TYM test with Singhalese-speaking people: a descriptive pilot study
  1. S Mendis
  1. Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Background An estimated 24 million people suffer from dementia.1 A 50-point English version of the Test Your Memory (TYM) test has been successfully implemented in the detection of Alzheimer's disease.2 This test is easy to use by non-specialists and has a high sensitivity and specificity. A translator is required for the use of English cognitive tests for patients who are unable to speak English and this is potentially time consuming, and difficult to implement. This pilot study explores a Singhalese version of the TYM test.

Objectives To evaluate the feasibility of using a 50-point Singhalese version of the TYM test in a subset of the Singhalese-speaking population in London.

Method A Singhalese version of the TYM test was administrated to 28 Singhalese-speaking people, either attending two Buddhist Temples in London, or to the Singhalese-speaking friends or relatives of the Temple attendees.

Results 28 Singhalese TYM tests were completed by participants aged 35–74. Scores for the TYM test ranged from 33 to 50. The commonest score range of participants was between 46 and 49 (14 participants) with only two participants scoring 50/50.

Conclusion A self-administrated version of a Singhalese TYM test could be potentially used to assess cognition in Singhalese-speaking people. A cross sectional study comparing a Singhalese-speaking healthy cohort with a cohort of Singhalese-speaking individuals diagnosed as having dementia should be implemented to evaluate the validity of the Singhalese TYM.

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