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Clinical care and clinical services
O02 Characteristics of patients in the continuous care chain huntington center topaz overduin
  1. J Man,
  2. L de Jager,
  3. J Bruins,
  4. W Achterberg
  1. Topaz Overduin, Katwijk, The Netherlands


Background Huntington Center Topaz Overduin is a specialised Huntington center in the Netherlands with next to long term care (at start), also a large ambulatory function that now provides several care packages for HD clients, including advisory center, daycare with treatment, respite care, short stay and residential care, the latter with a differentiated program, depending on the care needs of the client. The different care packages were developed between 1990 and 2010.

Methods During the last 22 years, demographic and care characteristics of all 309 patients were registered, and analysed by care package.

Results There were 535 new admissions in a care package in 309 unique HD patients. 51% had only one care-admission, 31% had two care products, and 18% three or more. Of these new admissions, 77 were in daycare with treatment, 79 in the advisory center, 48 in respite care and 285 in long term care. Mean age of first care-admission was 52 for male, and 51 for female patients. Mean duration of daycare with treatment was 27 months, for patients within long term care this was 55 months (both for patients until end of treatment). During the last 10 years, the availability of other ambulant care packages lead to an earlier contact with the expertise center.

Conclusion Analysis of the results so far show that the development of care packages at the beginning of the care chain fulfil patients' needs for specialised HD care. Further research is necessary to analyse whether earlier start with outpatient care affects the mean duration of residential care.

  • Huntington center
  • care packages
  • characteristics

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