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Clinical care and clinical services
O05 Useful methods in casemanagement of ambulatory HD patients
  1. R Tijssen,
  2. E Lanters,
  3. E Hoffmann
  1. Atlant, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


Background Huntington Expert Centre Atlant offers multidisciplinary care for patients with Huntington's Disease, in which case management plays an important role. The aim of case management is to coordinate care, support both the patient and his family and prevent crisis in order to delay admission to the nursing home. There are no methodologies specifically developed for case management with HD. In social psychiatry however there are many methodologies available that could be of use. We've investigated which of these methodologies are suitable for use in HD case management.

Case history We have investigated which methodologies are aimed at multidisciplinary and complex care and suit the ambulant character of HD case management. Then these methodologies have been tested by the case managers of the Huntington Expert Centre Atlant on usefulness in HD case management.

Conclusions We describe four methods used in social psychiatry that proved useful to case managers working with HD patients. The use of these methodologies makes it easier for patients to express their problems and request for help. This leads to more trust, better guidance and support and optimal use of informal caregivers. Crisis situations can be prevented this way.

  • Casemanagement
  • Huntington's disaese
  • social psychiatry

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