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Clinical therapeutics
Q21 A rehabilitation centres multidisciplinary approach to treatment of HD-PATIENTS
  1. HL Fossmo,
  2. I Thornes,
  3. H Bønsnes,
  4. G Huseby
  1. Vikersund Rehabilitation Center, Vikersund, Norway


Background Research suggests that HD-patients benefit from intensive rehabilitation. The aim of the programme at Vikersund Rehabilitation Centre is to help participants maintain or improve physical function and quality of life and obtain a functioning healthcare system at home.

Aims To present the multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme for HD-patients at VKB.

Methods We provide a description of the different professions that collaborate at VKB, what outcome measures and treatments they use on the HD-patients and how they work together.

Results The multidisciplinary approach ensures appropriate support to the individual patient and family according to needs and personal objectives. On arrival each patient get a contact person who is responsible for the patient during the stay and who collaborates with the patient and a family member to define objectives for the programme and the continuation of training and assistance after returning home. The contact person is a member of the multidisciplinary team that consists of physiotherapists, occupational therapist, speech therapist, social worker, nurses, doctors and a neuropsychologist. A family therapist and the kitchen chef give advice on psychosocial issues and nutrition. All members of the team do their own assessments of the patients. Members of the team meet every morning to transfer patient knowledge.

Conclusions At Vikersund Rehabilitation Centre HD-patients come to meet others with HD, learn about the disease and get intensive rehabilitation for a limited period of time. The centre focuses on life at home for each patient and helps them make contact with local professionals. In our experience the patients in the programme benefit both from the training at the rehabilitation centre and from the additional help they get at home. The contact person is crucial in coordinating the support in the local community. Advice from the multidisciplinary team is highly valued by the family and local healthcare workers.

  • Rehabilitation
  • multicisciplinary
  • HD-patients

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