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J12 The Importance Of Nutritional Care For Hd Patient In Long Stay Care
  1. F Veldkamp1,
  2. W Achterberg1,2
  1. 1Topaz Huntington Center Overduin, Nachtegaallaan 5, 2225 SX Katwijk, The Netherlands
  2. 2Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden, The Netherlands


Background Weight loss is a well-known and common problem seen by patients with Huntington’s disease (HD). Many patients lose weight unnoticed due to high energy needs and other food or diet problems such as dysphagia. This symptom can change during the various stages of the disease. In particular, weight loss is seen in the advanced stages of the disease.

Aim To describe the nutritional status and nutritional care for advanced HD patients living in Long stay Care.

Methods In Topaz Huntington Centre Overduin there are 63 HD clients that receive long term care, all are screened for the risks of malnutrition and weighed monthly. At the first sign of weight changes they will be referred to one of the two dietitians. In consideration between dietitians. patient and caretaker fortifying products are subscribed, such as desserts, pastries and drinks. The therapy is evaluated every 6 weeks.

Results The mean BMI of all 63 HD clients was 24, range between 15,8 and 36,9. 6 (9,5%) of the patients have a BMI under 20 and 10 patients (15,9%) have a BMI above 28. Most of the patients (66,7%) have BMI above 231.

All patients, expect one, received dietary care, 68% of them were suffering from weight loss, 25% of dysphagia and 5% of reflux. Most receive an energy-enriched diet. Other common diets are high-fibre (52%) energy-restricted (18%).

Conclusion It is important that HD patients are monitored on weight on a regular base and are seen by a dietitian, so unnoticed weight loss and other food or diet problems can be treated.


  1. Brotherton A, Campos L, Rowell A, Zoia V, Rea D, Simpson S. Nutritional management of individuals with Huntington’s disease; nutritional guidelines. Neurodegen Dis Manage. 2012;2(1):33–43

  • Nutritional Care
  • nutritional status
  • Weight loss
  • BMI
  • Topaz Huntington Centre Overduin
  • dietitian
  • Long stay Care

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