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L11 Meeting the needs of the HD Community - A Collaborative Approach between the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Huntingtons Victoria (HV)
  1. T Gardner1,
  2. A Gunning2
  1. 1Huntington’s Victoria, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  2. 2National Disability Insurance Agency, Victoria, Australia


Heightened community expectations and individual choice has increased the emphasis on maintaining and supporting a person’s participation and independence within their own community. The Australian policy and economic context is reflective of this community viewpoint resulting in the development and implementation of reforms such as the NDIS. The NDIS at the point of introduction was being publicised as the most significant reform since the introduction of Medicare. So what is it? The NDIS is a national no-fault insurance scheme that provides support through a package of care for people with a disability regardless of where they are located in Australia.. The NDIS commenced in pilot stage on July 2013 in Tasmania for young people aged 15–24, in South Australia for children aged 0–14, and in the Barwon area of Victoria and the Hunter area in NSW for people up to age 65. The scheme is due to be launched from the 1st of July 2014 in the ACT, Northern Territory, and Western Australia and from 2016 in Queensland.

In its role as an advocacy and service delivery body Huntington’s Victoria has responded to this exciting time of reformation by working in partnership with NDIS and its agency in order to continue to meet the needs of the HD community. Key features of this collaborative working relationship are:

A commitment to a self-directed approach inclusive of the person and/or family in the care planning and implementation process.

  • Promoting the person’s right to active citizenship.

  • Protecting and promoting human rights of the HD community.

  • Optimising opportunities to promote social inclusion.

A coordinated flexible response to meeting a person’s needs based on needs identified through shared effective planning process.

Mutual information provision between agencies in relation to HD, the needs of the community and the role of NDIS with associated implications nation wide.

  • NDIS
  • HV
  • self-directed approach

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