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L16 Nutritional Status of Patients with Huntington Disease: Correlations Between Macro- And Micronutrient intake and Severity of HD
  1. A Kargulewicz1,
  2. M Wnuk2,
  3. JT Marcinkowski2,
  4. D Zielonka2
  1. 1Katedra I Klinika Chorób Wewnętrznych, Metabolicznych I Dietetyki Uniwersytetu Medycznego Im. Karola Marcinkowskiego W Poznaniu, Polska
  2. 2Katedra Medycyny Społecznej Uniwersytetu Medycznego Im. Karola Marcinkowskiego W Poznaniu, Polska


Background Nutritional value of daily diet of patients with Huntington disease may have an impact on the course of the disease.

Aims The aim of our study was to compare the nutritional status with calorie and nutrients intake between two groups, patients with HD and healthy individuals. We intended also to determine the correlations between nutritional status as well as macro- and micronutrient intake and severity of HD.

Methods We have tested 26 patients with Huntington disease (Huntington’s disease group - HDG) and 26 healthy individuals as a control group (Control group - CG). All subjects filled in a 24-h diet recall, weight and body fat content was measured and BMI was calculated. To assess patients clinically UHDRS motor, functional, independence, behaviour and cognitive tests were performed.

Results Patients with HD consumed twice as less of vitamin C as healthy individuals. In HDG, higher intake of vitamin D positively correlated with higher fat content, higher BMI and lower annual BMI decrement. Linear Regression in HDG revealed that predictor of BMI was vitamin D intake and TMS. In the HDG, BMI positively correlated with some clinimetric tests’ results, indicating better clinical status of these patients with higher BMI. Higher intake of fat improved TFC outcome, cognitive and Stroop’s test.

Conclusions Balanced diet for people with HD should cover their increased caloric requirements and be tailored to personal disabilities. Of great importance is an adequate fat and vitamin D intake which in turn triggers to preservation of body fat content and improves physical and mental ability in patients with HD.

  • Huntington disease
  • nutrients intake
  • weight loss
  • body mass index
  • fat content

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