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  1. Paul Morrish
  1. On behalf of Neurology Intelligence Network


The Neurology Information Network (NIN) is jointly sponsored by Public Health England and NHS England, and identifies, collates and interprets nationally available indicators on all adult neurological conditions. Its priorities are to: ▸ address health inequalities in England ▸ collect and make publicly available national neurology data, in one place ▸ identify gaps in the data and promote research to address these deficits ▸ improve the quality of commissioning by providing relevant data and evidence ▸ promote research to improve the quality of neurological care throughout England

Resources Available Now: 1. Neurology profiles: Download and compare figures for: 18 different measures of epilepsy care in 4 Clinical Commissioning Regions and 211 Clinical Commissioning Areas in England. 21 different measures concerning emergency admission to hospital with a neurological condition in 4 Clinical Commissioning Regions and 211 Clinical Commissioning Regions. 2. Compendium of neurology data England 2012–13: The Compendium of Neurological Data, England 2012–3 Download and compare hundreds more tables concerning neurological care in hospitals and in the community.

And in the future? The NIN hopes to offer information on every neurological condition where reliable data can be collected. It will involve clinicians, commissioners, clinical networks, providers, charity groups and other stakeholders in discussions about its future work.

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