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  1. Katherine Ralston
  1. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead


Migraine is a common and debilitating neurological disorder. This study aimed to audit the management of adults with migraine in a Newcastle GP practice against NICE guidelines (2012) on the acute and prophylactic treatment of migraine.

A search of practice records for patients with a new diagnosis of migraine between December 2013–14 identified 38 patients. Medical records were reviewed to determine if their management was consistent with NICE guidance.

Acute treatment was indicated in 35 patients, with 27 (77%) receiving correct treatment. 1 patient (3%) received unrecommended treatment, while 7 (20%) received no treatment. Prophylactic treatment was given to 11/13 (85%) patients where it was indicated. Of these, 6 (55%) received first line treatment, 1 (9%) second line treatment and 4 (36%) unrecommended treatment. All patients should be followed up after treatment initiation. This occurred or was planned in 14/35 (40%) acute patients and 6/11 (55%) prophylactic patients.

The majority of patients with migraine received the correct acute treatment, however over one third of patients received unconventional preventative medication and follow up was sporadic. A template prompting the correct management of migraine has been incorporated into the computer system following this audit to improve patient care.

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