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  1. Jonathan Bedford,
  2. David Whiteside,
  3. Pooja Dassan
  1. Ealing Hospital


Junior doctors are primarily responsible for prescribing medications for patients with parkinsonism attending a district general hospital. We assessed levels of confidence and knowledge of appropriate prescribing in a variety of circumstances among 30 junior doctors at Ealing Hospital, using a 5 part questionnaire. Only 10% felt confident in prescribing a regimen for patients with parkinsonism who are unable to take their usual medications orally. 60% could not select a suitable anti-emetic, and just 2 respondents answered all assessment questions correctly. Confidence in prescribing improved with seniority but overall scores in the assessment section did not.

We have designed a protocol to assist doctors when managing patients with parkinsonism on the ward, and are conducting teaching sessions to improve understanding. The impact of these interventions will be assessed and presented at the Annual Meeting.

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