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  1. Joanna Iddon
  1. HCPC Registered Clinical Psychologist, PhD (Cantab) Clinical Neuropsychology/Neuroscience, BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist


Objective (i) To introduce a Neuro-Cognitive-Behavioural assessment framework and formulation model to guide the treatment of concussion, mild-moderate brain injury. (ii) To present the potential of these as automated, interactive computerised models, positively impacting on treatment quality and accessibility.

Method A theoretical framework and three dimensional model integrating neuropsychological and cognitive behavioural principles and techniques have been developed by the author, initially as part of her CBT Diploma at King's College London. These have been used and developed within her own private clinical practice in formulating and treating patients and within the context of sports concussion assessments/treatment.

Results The potential for the approach is illustrated through a number of single case examples. A RCT is being planned and funding/collaboration sought.

Conclusion This novel, dimensional integrative approach highlights the future bidirectional potential of integrating neuroscientific and cognitive behavioural principles and techniques. This concept has broader potential in the context of improved treatments in neurological disorders and medically unexplained symptoms.

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