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  1. Clare Galtrey,
  2. Bhavini Patel,
  3. Jessica Styles,
  4. Niran Nirmalananthan,
  5. Anthony Pereira
  1. St George's University Hospitals


Introduction Inter-professional simulation immerses participants in realistic scenarios in a safe and reproducible environment. Its use in neurology education is limited.

Learning Objectives: (i) Technical skills and knowledge in neurological emergencies (ii) Non-technical skills including communication and leadership.

Methods Three acute neurology scenarios (refractory status epilepticus, coma and neuromuscular respiratory failure) with high fidelity mannequin. 30 participants (7 nursing; 8 physician's associates; 15 medical). Mixed-methods evaluation before and after training and statistical analysis with Mann–Whitney U test.

Results Analysis of pre and post course questionnaires. 56%(14/25) had previous simulation experience. On scale of 1=poor to 7 good: scored 5.66 (SD±1.14) for enjoyment and 6.28 (SD±1.21) for relevance to clinical practice. Improvement in technical skills with increased confidence in managing emergency neurology situations (pre-course: 3.5 [SD±1.45] post-course:4.63 [SD±0.956] p=0.00736). No improvement in non-technical skills:communication skills (pre-course: 4.31 [SD±1.12] post-course: 4.75 [SD±0.737] p=0.187 NS) and leadership skills (pre-course: 3.92 [SD±1.13] post-course: 4.33 [SD±0.868] p=0.271 NS).

Discussion Simulation improved technical but not non-technical skills. Participants started with a higher opinion of their non-technical skill than their knowledge. Knowledge is learnt during a scenario but improvement in non-technical skills are only realised later so maybe underestimated. In future sessions we will add an introduction about non-technical skills and use the diamond debrief approach.

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