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Book review
Landmark Papers in Neurology
  1. José Manuel Matamala
  1. Correspondence to Dr José Manuel Matamala, Department of Neurological Science, Faculty of Medicine, Biomedical Neuroscience Institute (BNI), University of Chile, JM Infante 553, Providencia, Santiago 7500691, Chile; jm_matamala{at}

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Turner MR, Kiernan MC, eds. Published by Oxford University Press, (New York, USA) 2015. ISBN 978-0-19-965860-2.

“Let us keep looking, in spite of everything. Let us keep searching. It is indeed the best method of finding, and perhaps thanks to our efforts, the verdict we will give such a patient tomorrow will not be the same we must give this man today.” Jean-Martin Charcot (1889)

Though written more than 120 years ago, this quote has not lost its validity, and today represents the essence of this book named ‘Landmark Papers in Neurology’. The book invites the reader to explore and understand the evolution and development of neurology over the past two centuries, taking us through the stories of critical and meticulous neurologists and investigators, whose perseverance in looking and searching ended with the achievement of the characterisation and comprehension of the key neurological syndromes. Without doubt, Landmark Papers in Neurology fills an empty niche in the neurological literature.

The Landmark Papers series …

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