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Survival in multiple sclerosis: things have changed
  1. Nina Grytten
  1. Correspondence to Dr Nina Grytten, Department of Neurology, Norwegian Multiple Sclerosis Competence Centre, Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen 5021, Norway; nina.grytten{at}

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Encouraging survival trends in multiple sclerosis during the last 60 years in Denmark

In this issue Koch-Henriksen et al report on declining mortality among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Denmark during 60 years in a nationwide sample of 12 847 patients with MS.1

Survival during six decades has only been published once previously, in a recent Norwegian study by Lunde HM et al in this journal.2 Both papers conclude that survival in MS has increased. These are encouraging data, as a recent meta-analysis in JNNP concluded that other studies have found virtually constant mortality in MS over time.3

The Danish and Norwegian studies provide the longest follow-up period ever presented on survival …

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