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5 Screening of cardiovascular risk factors in patients on antipsychotic medication
  1. Thomas Cronin


Objective To determine the level of screening for cardiovascular risk factors in patients on antipsychotic medications

Method The electronic medical records of patients at two UK general practices were searched for read codes relating to antipsychotic medication use. This identified 25 patients. The notes of these patients were then reviewed to determine whether any form of screening took place in the last year regarding blood pressure recording, BMI calculation, fasting glucose/HbA1c measurement, lipids monitoring and smoking cessation.

Results In the last year, 76% (n=19) of identified patients had their blood pressure recorded, 88% (n=22) had their BMI calculated, 76% had their fasting glucose/HbA1c measured, and 76% had their lipids monitored. Eleven patients (44%) smoked, and of these 72% (n=11) had been offered smoking cessation support.

Conclusion This audit highlighted a good standard of screening for cardiovascular risk factors. Methods to improve the level of screening may include opportunistic screening in difficult to reach patients, as well as secondary care working in collaboration with primary care to ensure the patient’s screening is completed.

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