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WED 240 An audit of unplanned admissions in myasthenia gravis patients
  1. Talaei M,
  2. Burke G
  1. Wessex Neurological Centre


Background Unplanned admissions of neuromuscular patients adversely affect patients and NHS. Muscular dystrophy UK designed an audit of unplanned admissions of neuromuscular patients in 2012 and 2017.

Aim We aimed to compare unplanned admissions amongst myasthenia gravis (MG) patients, in two different hospitals in Wessex, Southampton general hospital (SGH) and Queen Alexandra service (QAH).

Methods Data was collected from patients attending neurology clinics in conjunction with hospital database.

Results 240 adult patients were included in the audit. 60 unplanned hospital admissions were identified, but only 22 (37%) were judged to be potentially avoidable. 8 admissions were due to myasthenia relapse, 8 occurred in patients with severe myasthenia on dual immunosuppression. 9 admissions were due to pneumonia in elderly patients with multiple comorbidities but well controlled myasthenia. 2 admissions were anxiety related and 3 were due to falls and fracture despite appropriate bone protection.

Conclusion Our preventable admission rate for MG patients is less compared to MDUK data (37% vs 68.7% and 59.4% in 2012 and 2017). Pneumonia is common in elderly myasthenic patients who have other comorbidities. Fragility fractures can occur despite bone protection and falls advice is necessary during consultation.

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