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WED 268 Improving junior doctors induction: queen square junior doctors handbook
  1. Al-Mayhani Talal,
  2. Khalil Aytakin
  1. National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery


Introduction All junior doctors joining Queen Square undergo an induction package delivered along with the Queen Square Junior Doctors’ Handbook (QS-H). QS-H is supposed to provide general guidance to daily medical jobs in addition to useful clinical information, contact details and hints.

Aim The aim of this quality improvement project (QIP) was to update, and improve, the quality of QS-H. The idea was that better and more informative induction can make carrying out daily jobs easier, increase the efficacy/effectiveness of medical staff and, ultimately, impact positively on patients care.

Methods In this QIP a participatory assessment approach was employed where the opinions of the beneficiaries (junior doctors) were sought to screen for the strengths/weaknesses of the old version of QS-H, and to assess, later on, the new version.

Results and conclusion Most junior doctors highlight the length of QS-H and the outdated information of its contents. Based on their suggestions a new, brief and practical version was drafted and was well received with some comments that led to additional round of improvement. Distributing hardcopies of QS-H around the wards further improved the junior doctors’ accessibility, efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

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