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275 Poster: acute neurology care model – ‘the neuro network’
  1. Nick Fletcher
  1. Walton centre NHS Foundation Trust


The neuro network is a well-developed model in North West England and North Wales, hosted by the Walton Centre Liverpool. It is based on the principle of an equitable, locally accessible service taking responsibility for a regional population, rather than one based on a single unit or small area.

Centralised tertiary activity is based in Liverpool – for patients requiring specialised diagnostic or therapeutic intervention and care; particularly neurosurgery, thrombectomy, neurological ITU or frequent review of complex acute neurological disorders.

Acute neurological support is delivered to 12 acute sites across the region using a combination of consultant visits and ward liaison sessions (typically 3–4 days each week), telemedicine video consultations (presently being developed at pilot sites), 24/7 telephone advice and a weekday consultant advice line for GP’s. Patients are then treated, whenever possible, by a local medical team (or HASU) supported by a neurology management plan (and subsequent on-site or remote review if necessary) or by transfer to the centre if clinically appropriate.

The model offers acute neurology provision to a wide area, by the most effective, resilient and equitable deployment of limited resources.

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