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295 Clinical outcome in mog-antibody disease: a large single site cohort
  1. Messina Silvia1,
  2. Jurynczyk Maciej1,
  3. Woodhall Mark R1,
  4. Tackley George1,
  5. Chandratre Saleel1,
  6. Hemingway Cheryl2,
  7. Waters Patrick1,
  8. Leite Maria Isabel1,
  9. Palace Jacqueline1
  1. 1Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford
  2. 2Department of Neurology, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
  3. First and second author equally contributed to the study


Background MOG-antibody disease has been recently recognized as a demyelinating condition distinct from Multiple Sclerosis. Methods: A single-site study of 106 MOG-antibody positive patients (including a 63-patient incident cohort) describing the clinical phenotype and outcome.

Results ON was the most common onset presentation (51%) and was bilateral in about half. From the survival curve analysis in the incident cohort we estimated that 38% of patients relapsed within 18 months. The risk was lower in patients immunosuppressed for >3 months (p=0.013). Permanent motor disability (EDSS ≥6; limited walking distance) and visual acuity ≤6/36 in at least one eye occurred in 3.7% and 13.2% respectively after a median disease duration of 68 months (range 2–484). Permanent bladder dysfunction was present in 23.6% patients and around 2/3 of these had bowel dysfunction. 20% of males had permanent erectile dysfunction (44% of males with TM at onset).

Conclusion This is the largest single-centre cohort and the only incident cohort published, and shows that MOG-antibody disease is often relapsing but may be modified with 6–12 months of prednisolone. The prognosis is typically good, better than AQP4-antibody positive disease, but many patients are left with significant sphincter and erectile dysfunction and some with visual impairment.

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