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THUR 071 Towards an integrated tool for pnes assessment
  1. d’Ersu Eleanor,
  2. Al-Mayhani Talal,
  3. Sidhu Meneka
  1. National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery


Introduction Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) can present a real diagnostic challenge, with subsequent impact on the course of the disorder and its management. A number of studies have looked into predictive factors for PNES. However, no guidance is available for applying the findings of these studies in clinical practice.

Aim The aim is to combine the most recognised discriminative features into an integrated clinical tool, ultimately, to improve the predictive value of the medical assessment of patients with possible PNES in a clinic setting. This can be invaluable in centres with limited access to video telemetry (VT).

Methods The following criteria were employed and compared with the results of VT as gold standard:

  • Patient comorbidities

  • Conversation analysis

  • Review of system questionnaire

  • Ictal semiology and autonomic activation

  • Postictal prolactin and lactate

Results and conclusion This QIP will assess the reliability and validity of various criteria in recognising PNES clinically. Based on our findings, an integrated tool will then be designed as an adjunct to the standard medical assessment in settings where VT is not readily available.

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