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D01 Centralized sample preparation and analysis considerations
  1. Anka G Ehrhardt,
  2. Cristina Sampaio
  1. CHDI Foundation; Princeton, NJ, USA


Background and aim For select samples from Enroll-HD platform studies, standardized core services, including preparation of derived samples and commonly requested analysis are being planned. The goal is to provide consistent quality, use the samples efficiently, and build a data collection providing larger context on the samples to create synergies, which will be enabling more, and more efficient HD research from the samples.

Plans The plans consist of two main parts:

  1. Centralized and standardized core preparations when samples are requested (e.g. DNA and RNA isolation from PBMCs, cell line generation [only when needed], etc.)

  2. Discussions about an optimized core panel are ongoing, i.e. a set of analytes to be measured in all CSF samples, their matched plasma samples, and possibly additional samples. The panel is meant to cover commonly requested sample analysis (e.g. mHTT, HTT, NFL, tau, etc.).

  • CSF
  • plasma
  • standardization
  • core services
  • optimized core panel

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