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F03 The prevalence of huntington´s disease in brazil
  1. Aparecida Alencar,
  2. Tatiana Henrique
  1. Universidade Federal de Alagoas/UFAL, S/N, T. do Martins, Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil


Background and aims Huntington´s Disease (HD) is an inherited neurodegenerative disorder. Despite affecting people in all parts of the world, some countries still have a large gap regarding the diagnosis and consequently the statistical data. While investigation about HD is often in Europe and Asia’s countries, in South America, data are still very scarce.The aim of the present study was to verify data on the prevalence of HD in Brazil.

Methods Data collected through the Associação Brasil Huntington (ABH), that registers families of all states in Brazil, papers about HD in Brazil and field research in Feira Grande city.

Results The Brazilian population presents 207,7 million inhabitants. The only general data currently available on DH in Brazil are concentrated in the records of the ABH, which, according to quantitative data from 2017, present a total of 2481 registered Brazilian families. However, there are records of three clusters with high incidence of DH cases: in the cities of Feira Grande/AL, Senador Sá/CE and Ervália/MG. From these regions, only two have statistical data in the literature: in Feira Grande, the prevalence is 10/10,000 inhabitants (2016); and in Ervália, is 7.2/10.000 inhabitants. Currently, the prevalence in Feira Grande/AL is 10.4/10,000.The limited number of papers suggests that diagnosis is scarce in Brazil, which population is 207,7 millions of inhabitants.

Conclusion The number of families with HD in Brazil, according available data, and some research found suggests that HD, despite the emergence of more research in this regard, diagnosis and records are still scarce. Studies are necessary to elucidate this matter.

  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Prevalence
  • Epidemiology

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