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H34 Oromotor screening – tamizaje oromotor: new app to monitor speech and swallowing in huntington’s disease
  1. Maryluz Camargo
  1. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia


Background Speech and swallowing are functions that deteriorate in people with Huntington’s Disease (HD) over time. Although there are scales to measure the progression of the disease, there are not enough tools with which people with HD and their families can monitor the evolution of problems in speech and swallowing.

Aims Have an application for mobile devices that allows to monitor speech and swallowing difficulties.

Methods An information search was conducted in the literature to determine the most relevant aspects that could show the progress of the problems in the two areas of interest. For the development of the application we used the Ionic version 3 program with code based on angular 4 and a hybrid platform.

Results The application called Tamizaje Oromotor UN -Oromotor Screening UN- was designed to monitor the speech and swallowing of different neurological conditions, including Huntington’s Disease. Through two modules and 14 questions that yield graphic results, people can self-monitor the progress of the difficulties and report to the treating health personnel. The application, free download, can be installed on mobile devices with Android and IOS operating systems. It has a basic data management interface that allows you to export or import information in JSON format.

Conclusions Oromotor Screening is a new tool that will allow, in an agile and fast way, people with HD, their families and health personnel, to follow the difficulties in speech and swallowing.

  • App
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Speech
  • Swallowing

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