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H40 Experiences of huntington patients, who participate in a challenging briskwalking program
  1. Jessie van der Bent1,
  2. Anne Wil Heemskerk1,
  3. Wilco Achterberg1,2
  1. 1Topaz Huntington Centre Overduin, KATWIJK, The Netherlands
  2. 2Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands


Background In 2010 Topaz Huntington Centre Overduin introduced a weekly Brisk-walking program. The intervention, that was developed, was an one hour program based on endurance, balance (static and dynamic) and muscle force training.

TOPAZ Overduin is located in the middle of a perfect place to train these aspects outside, in a sandy hilly environment.

At the moment 17 HD-patients, (11 male) participate in this program every week or once every two weeks, 16 patients completed a questionnaire about their experiences with this program.

Aims Aim of the study is to examine on which of thirteen QOL aspects the patients experienced benefits and to find out whether this program improves the quality of life. Another aim was to investigate whether patients would perform this activity independently on their own.

Methods All 17 HD-patients who participate in this program were asked to fill in a questionnaire. Percentages of benefits were calculated of 13 QOL aspects (coordination, range of motion, endurance, muscle force, velocity of moving, pleasure, concentration, contact with other HD patients, memory, bowel movements, sleep, mood and self confidence).

Results Participants had the most benefit on the aspects endurance, self confidence and contact with other HD patients. Less benefit was experienced on memory, sleep and bowel movements. Most patients (75%) would not continue a similar program on their own.

Conclusion This Brisk walking program has a positive influence on endurance, pleasure and self-confidence. On the aspects of sleep, bowel movements and memory the effect were not so clearly felt.

  • Briskwalking program
  • endurance
  • quality of life
  • self confidance

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