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Correction: CLIPPERS and its mimics: evaluation of new criteria for the diagnosis of CLIPPERS

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Taieb G, Mulero P, Psimaras D, et al. CLIPPERS …

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    Guillaume Taieb Patricia Mulero Dimitri Psimaras Bob W van Oosten Jörg D. Seebach Romain Marignier Fernando Pico Valérie Rigau Yuji Ueno Claire Duflos Vera Fominykh Vincent Guiraud Christine Lebrun-Frénay Jean-Philippe Camdessanché Philippe Kerschen Guido Ahle Nieves Téllez Alex Rovira Khe Hoang-Xuan Jean Pelletier Pierre Labauge in cooperation with the French CLIPPERS group Elsa Kaphan Bertrand Audoin Emmanuelle Uro-Coste Thibaut Allou Jean-Christophe Ouallet Patrice Desbordes Giovanni Castelnovo Eric Thouvenot Caroline Arquizan Xavier Ayrignac Nicolas Gaillard Nicolas Menjot de Chamfleur Thierry Vincent Nadège Limousin Cecilia Rousselot Delphine Loussouarn Laurent Magy Romain Lefaucheur Jerome De Sèze Christine Tranchant Yannick Béjot