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130 Trust the patient not the doctor: non-motor symptoms and quality of life in cervical dystonia
  1. Ihedinachi Ndukwe,
  2. Sean O’Riordan,
  3. Michael Hutchinson
  1. Department of Neurology, St Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park Dublin 4. University College Dublin, Ireland


Introduction Mood disorder is common amongst Cervical Dystonia (CD) patients and can impact on quality of life (QoL). It often precedes the onset of CD and doesn’t improve with botulinum toxin therapy. We hypothesize that mood disorder is part of the primary pathogenic process causing CD.

Aim To assess the prevalence of mood disorder and measure QoL in relation to severity, disability and pain in CD patients receiving botulinium toxin therapy with good effect.

Methods We prospectively collected data using questionnaires; TWSTRS for pain, severity and disability; CDIP-58 and Euro-QoL VAS for QoL and BAI, BDI-II & HADS for mood disorder assessment.

Results In 192 patients with mean age 62 years (SD: 12.67), using the BAI-II and BDI, 56% reported anxiety and/or depression. There was a significant correlation between mood disorder and quality of life using CDIP-58 {(Anxiety: R2=0.39; p<0.0001) and (Depression: R2=0.33; p<0.0001)}. There was weak correlation between disease severity and quality of life; R2=0.09; p<0.0002.

Conclusion There was a significant correlation between reported mood disorder and QoL in CD but a weak association with severity, pain and disability scales. This shows that patient-reported measures, particularly the CDIP-58, are a significant source of disability reporting which is not determinable by standard recommended measures of CD severity, administered by the neurologist. Therefore it is important to trust the patient.

Acknowledgement Funding was by Merrion Neuroscience Foundation Programme

I have no financial relationships to disclose

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