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135 Hyperhidrosis as an identifier in parkinson’s disease subtyping
  1. Daniel van Wamelen,
  2. Valentina Leta,
  3. Aleksandra Podlewska,
  4. Yi-Min Wan,
  5. Katarina Krbot,
  6. Elina Jaakkola,
  7. Alexandra Rizos,
  8. Miriam Parry,
  9. Vinod Metta,
  10. K Ray Chaudhuri
  1. King’s College London, King’s College Hospital Parkinson Foundation Centre of Excellence


Objective To identify associated (non-)motor profiles of Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients with hyperhidrosis.

Methods Cross-sectional analysis of participants enrolled in the non-motor Longitudinal International Cohort Study (NILS; UKCRN No: 10084) at the Parkinson’s Centre at King’s College Hospital (London, UK). Hyperhidrosis responses (yes/no) on question 28 of the Non-Motor Symptom Questionnaire (NMSQ) were used to classify patients with normal sweat function (n=172) and chronic hyperhidrosis (n=56) (analysis 1; n=228). The grade rating NMS scale (NMSS) question 30 scores were then used for severity grading (analysis 2; n=352): absent score 0 (n=267), mild 1–4 (n=49), moderate 5–8 (n=17), and severe 9–12 (n=19).

Results Baseline demographics were similar between groups. Patients with hyperhidrosis exhibited significantly higher NMSS burden (as graded from total score; p<0.001). Secondary analyses revealed significantly higher dyskinesia scores, worse quality of life and sleep, and higher anxiety levels in hyperhidrosis patients (p<0.001). Tertiary analyses showed higher scores for dysautonomia (orthostatic hypotension, sialorrhea, constipation, urinary urgency and frequency) as well as fatigue and somnolence, among other NMS (p<0.001).

Conclusions Chronic hyperhidrosis is associated with a dysautonomia dominant clinical picture combined with fatigue and somnolence in PD patients. These patients also are likely to be dyskinetic. This is the first description of motor and nonmotor correlates of hyperhidrosis in PD.

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