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163 Development of clinical and patient-reported quality metrics for multiple sclerosis: a UK pilot study report
  1. Gavin Giovannoni1,
  2. Sarah White2,
  3. Niraj Mistry3,
  4. Samantha Calhoun3,
  5. Carolyn Young4,
  6. Mhairi Coutts5,
  7. Megan Roberts6,
  8. Philip Anderson7,
  9. Rachel Bernstein8,
  10. Jeremy Hobart9
  1. 1Queen Mary University of London
  2. 2St Georges Hospital, London
  3. 3University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  4. 4Walton Centre NHS Trust, Liverpool
  5. 5Ayrshire and Arran NHS Trust
  6. 6MS Trust, UK
  7. 7MS Society, UK
  8. 8Roche Products Limited, UK
  9. 9Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust


Background Quality standards (QS) for people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) are suboptimal, ambiguous and restricted to certain patient subgroups and care pathways.

Aim Develop and pilot MS metrics measuring service provision quality to identify areas for improvement.

Methods A multidisciplinary Working Group developed clinician and patient-reported metrics and standardised data collection forms through an iterative process.

Results Metrics covered: referral; diagnosis; treatment; annual review; general management; education. Pilot (n=76) showed: 31% of PwMS were referred to MS specialist within 4 weeks of suspected/confirmed demyelination; 28% and 56% had uncomplicated MS confirmed and were offered specialist MS nurse appointment, respectively, within 4 weeks of specialist referral; 75% of eligible PwMS were offered disease-modifying therapy within 8 weeks of confirmed MS diagnosis; 85% had comprehensive multidisciplinary team (MDT) annual review; 90% had a defined point of contact within the MS service; 86% of unscheduled contacts by PwMS, MDT or general practitioners were responded to within 3 days; 53% of MS services maintained a single database of PwMS; and 76% of PwMS were offered ongoing education. Data collection continues and updated findings will be reported.

Discussion MS metrics/data forms are feasible for routine clinical settings, simple to interpret and provide a valuable benchmark for guiding MS service improvements.

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