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WM1-4 Decompressive craniectomy versus strokectomy for malignant middle cerebral artery (MCA) infarction
  1. S Moughal1,
  2. D Boeris2,
  3. A Hainsworth1,
  4. E Pereira1,
  5. A Shtaya1,
  6. P Minhas2
  1. 1Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute, St George’s, University of London, London, UK
  2. 2St George’s University Hospital NHS Trust, London, UK


Objectives To compare the outcomes of decompressive craniectomy (DC) with craniotomy and debulikng of stroke tissue (Strokectomy (SC)) for malignant MCA infarction at our centre.

Design Retrospective records review.

Subjects All Patients with malignant MCA infraction that underwent DC and SC between Jan 2012 and Sep 2017.

Methods 20 patients had DC (11F/9M, mean age 44.7±1.8 y) and four patients had SC (1F/3M) 51.5±5.9 7 y). Outcomes were assessed by Modified Rankin Scale (mRS) scores before surgery and at latest follow up (3–6 months). mRS was dichotomised as good (0–3) and poor (4–6). Craniotomy size was measured by antero-posterior (AP) diameter and compared between the groups.

Results 18 patients (90%) of the DC group had mRS 4–6 before surgery versus 100% in the SC group. Post-surgery 15 patients (75%) of the DC group had poor outcome with 7 mortalities (35%) in comparison to one patient (25%) with poor outcome in the SC group and no mortalities. The average craniotomy size in DC was 120.1±4.1 mm versus 85.5±13.1 mm in the SC, p=0.003 students t test). Six patients of the DC group underwent cranioplasty where two developed post-operative seizures. There was no significant difference in age, sex and side of craniotomy (7 Left/13 Right in DC vs 2 Left/2 Right in SC).

Conclusions Strokectomy is comparable to decompressive craniectomy in outcomes without taking the extra risks and costs of cranioplasty. Further studies are required to promote this approach.

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