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TP2-4 The impact of social deprivation upon global traumatic brain injury outcome
  1. TJ Humphries1,
  2. R Singh2,
  3. S Ingram1,
  4. S Sinha3
  1. 1University of Sheffield (Medical School), Sheffield, UK
  2. 2Osborn Neurorehabilitation Unit, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield, UK
  3. 3Department of Neurosurgery, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield, UK


Objectives The aim of this study was to assess the impact of social deprivation upon global TBI outcome.

Design The study was a prospective observational study.

Subjects 1332 consecutive adult TBI patients were recruited into the study. 131 study participants were lost within the study.

Methods All patients were assessed by the acute TBI team at the point of their injuries. Both injury and demographic data was collated at this point including: age, gender, medical comorbidities and GCS. The measure of social deprivation used, was the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) Score. The outcome measure, conducted at 12 months post-injury, was the GOSE. Univariate analyses were conducted prior to the final Multinomial Regression, between the GOSE score and injury factors.

Results With regard to the representation of IMD deciles, the study population and the general population are two independent groups, but the standard deviation is sufficiently similar for them to be considered pooled (equal variance)(t-test p=0.139). Within the univariate analyses statistically significant relationships were noted between IMD and GOSE (p≤0.00). There was no relationship noted between IMD and GCS at the time of injury (p=0.409), or medical co-morbidity (p=0.682). The multinominal regression revealed a significant relationship between between worsening GOSE and IMD, Age, Medical Comorbidity and GCS (p≤0.00).

Conclusions There is a statically significant relationship between increasing social deprivation and worsening global TBI outcomes.

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