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TP3-11 Sir geoffrey jefferson, a father of the SBNS, a remarkable life
  1. T Hope
  1. University Hospitals, Nottingham, UK


Objectives The foundation of a Society of Neurological Surgeons was Jefferson`s idea. How did this come about? The objective is to research this period of our history and its development.

Design A review of papers and articles held in the University of Manchester, The University of Oxford and abstracts from a biography of Jefferson by Peter Schurr, enables an historic presentation to the SBNS and the ABN.

Subjects In 1926 Sir Geoffrey Jefferson was closely connected to the leading minds in British neurology and neurological surgery. His friendship and correspondence with Cushing was a major force in his drive for a specialist society. These players on the neurosurgical stage are the subjects of this presentation.

Methods As in the design, the author will survey all available material including photography and handwritten manuscripts.

Results On the very next day after being appointed a consultant neurological surgeon at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, Jefferson arranged a meeting at the Athenaeum Club to consider the formation of our society. This was held on December the 2nd 1926 and the first formal scientific meeting was held on the 3rd at Queen Square!

Conclusions The formation of this small society was crucial in presenting British neurosurgery as a specialty in its own right to medicine in the United Kingdom. No other neurosurgical society existed in Europe at this stage. Jefferson is indeed the father figure of our society today.

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