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FM2-2 Exploratory analysis whether wearable sensor data can correlate with aspects of non-motor symptoms in parkinson’s: a real life study with the parkinson’s kinetigraphTM
  1. S Hota1,
  2. A Podlewska2,
  3. A Rizos2,
  4. DV Wamelen2,
  5. K Chaudhuri2
  1. 1King’s College London, UK
  2. 2Kings College Hospital, London, UK


Objectives To determine the association between the range and nature of non-motor symptoms (NMS) in people with Parkinson’s (PwP) and validated Parkinson’s KinetigraphTM (PKG) outcome measures.

Design Cross-sectional retrospective study of participants enrolled in the Non-motor Longitudinal International Study (NILS, UKCRN No: 10084) at King’s College Hospital, London.

Subjects 108 PwP with a PKG recording within 4 months of a NILS assessment were included in the analysis.

Methods PKG is a validated accelerometery-based measure for motor function in PwP, reporting scores for global bradykinesia (BKS) and dyskinesia (DKS). NMS were assessed by the NMS scale (NMSS).

Results Using multiple linear regression, BKS was predicted by NMSS domains 6 (gastrointestinal tract; p=0.006) and 8 (sexual function; p=0.003). DKS was predicted by domains 3 (mood/cognition; p=0.016), domain 4 (perceptual problems; p=0.025), domain 6 (gastrointestinal tract; p=0.029) and domain 9 (miscellaneous, p=0.003). In these domains, anxiety, delusions, dysphagia, hyposmia, weight change and hyperhidrosis significantly predicted DKS. In addition, carbidopa dose predicted NMSS total scores (p=0.037), but not total LEDD (p=0.91).

Conclusions In PwP, measures of BK and DK were mainly associated with gastrointestinal problems, underpinning the importance of gastric absorption of oral medications and constipation and the related motor effects in PwP. Interestingly, carbidopa appears to have a role in non-motor symptoms in PwP, which deserves further investigation.

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