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P43 Parasellar capillary haemangioma with intrasellar extension
  1. J Low1,
  2. E Maratos1,
  3. A Kumar2,
  4. A King2,
  5. S Al-Sarraj2,
  6. S Barazi1
  1. 1Department of Neurosurgery, King’s College Hospital, London, UK
  2. 2Department of Neuropathology, King’s College Hospital, London, UK


Objectives Capillary haemangioma is a benign vascular tumour that typically arises from skin and mucosal surfaces at birth and in infants. Central nervous system (CNS) capillary haemangioma in adults is extremely rare. We describe a case of capillary haemangioma located within the parasellar region extending into the sella.

Design Case report.

Results We report a 64-year-old patient who presented with a short history of ptosis and left sided headaches. CT showed a 3 cm by 2.5 cm para-sellar lesion extending into the sella. MRI showed a homogenously hyperintense lesion on T2-weighted MRI and FLAIR, which was isointense with adjacent brain parenchyma on T1-weighted MRI. This lesion also demonstrated contrast enhancement. The patient underwent an initial endoscopic transsphenoidal biopsy, which was inconclusive, followed by a craniotomy and debulking. Histological examination revealed fibrous tissue containing numerous thin walled and irregular vascular channels of varying sizes. There was a mild associated inflammatory infiltrate, mainly formed of small mononuclear chronic inflammatory cells, and occasional histiocytes. The histological appearances were in keeping capillary haemangioma.

Conclusions The present case describes a capillary haemangioma located in the sella. The rarity of this vascular entity and the absence of any pathognomonic imaging features make it difficult to diagnose based on radiological appearances alone. Although rare, CH should be a differential when considering a sella or parasellar lesion.

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