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P50 The role of care of the elderly in neurosurgery
  1. M Awan,
  2. D Bhagawati
  1. Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK


Objectives Assess the volume of frailty in a neurosurgical centre and role of geriatric liaison.

Design Retrospective Review.

Subjects All patients admitted to Charing Cross Hospital in Jan 2018.

Methods We reviewed patient notes to assess frailty score using the Clinical Frailty Scale (Dalhousie University) and differences with emergency vs elective admissions and length of stay (LoS).

Results More than 50% of patients admitted to the unit were above 65 years old. 30% of all admissions met the criteria for mild to moderate frailty moreover 34% were classed as severely frail. These findings are comparable to acute medical wards. Two third of patients had an average LoS above 10 days, of these 50% were severely frail. Emergency admissions demonstrated a greater burden of frailty and expectedly LoS in severely frail patients was significantly higher 15 vs 40 days in elective and emergency admissions.

Conclusions Neurosurgery units would benefit from a geriatric liaison service given the burden of frailty is equivalent to medical wards in-order to improve patient care, experience, turnover and LoS.

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