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P76 Skip laminectomy versus cervical laminectomy, an analysis of patient reported outcomes, spinal alignment and re-operation rates: the leeds spinal unit experience (2008–2016)
  1. JMW Robins1,
  2. L Luo2,
  3. F Mallallah2,
  4. J Timothy1,
  5. D Pal1,
  6. C Derham1,
  7. SK Selvanathan1
  1. 1Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK
  2. 2University of Leeds, Leeds, UK


Objectives To compare clinical, radiological and complication results between skip laminectomy and cervical laminectomy for posterior cervical decompression for cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

Design Retrospective single institution cohort study.

Subjects Subjects underwent primary skip or cervical laminectomy between 2008–2016.

Methods Statistical analysis compared pre- and post-operative differences in Visual Analogue Scale, Neck Disability Index and radiological differences in sagittal alignment of the vertebral bodies. Analysis of re-operation rates was performed.

Results A total of 42 and 29 patients had skip and cervical laminectomy respectively. Median follow up was 32±23.1 (Range: 1–325) weeks. Post-operatively there was no difference in patient reported outcomes namely Visual Analogue Scale and Neck Disability Index between skip laminectomy and cervical laminectomy groups compared to pre-operatively (p=0.64, p=0.75). No difference was seen in sagittal alignment between both groups following surgery (p=0.65). Three patients (7.1%) in the skip laminectomy group and two patients (6.9%) in the cervical laminectomy group required revision surgery to the cervical spinal region at a different level to the original surgery. No patients needed further instrumentation.

Conclusions Both skip laminectomy and cervical laminectomy appear to deliver similar outcomes with regards to patient reported outcomes, preserving sagittal alignment and re-operation rates over this short follow-up period.

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