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P87 Spinal fractures incurred by a fall from standing height
  1. S Hall1,
  2. M Myers1,
  3. A Sadek1,
  4. M Baxter2,
  5. C Dare3,
  6. C Griffith1,
  7. E Shenouda1,
  8. A Nader-Sepahi1
  1. 1Wessex Neurological Centre, Southampton, UK
  2. 2Department of Medicine and Elderly Care, Southampton, UK
  3. 3Department of Orthopaedics, Southampton, UK


Objectives Falls from standing are an important cause of vertebral fractures, particularly in the elderly. They are associated with significant morbidity and long-term mortality. The aim of this study was to determine the treatment and outcomes, in a single centre, of managing spinal fractures due to falls from standing height.

Design Retrospective case note review of patients with a fracture sustained due to a fall from standing (2011–2016 inclusive).

Subjects 229 patients with average age 76.6±14.5 years; 134 (58.5%) female.

Methods Patients were identified from the Trauma Audit and Research Network database. Case notes were reviewed for demographics, treatment details and outcome at 6 months post-admission.

Results 1408 patients were admitted with spinal fractures of which 229 (16.3%) sustained a fall from standing height. Two hundred and eighty-three fractures were identified in the 229 patients, which were distributed in the cervical (n=140), thoracic (n=65) and lumbar (n=78) spine. The average ISS score was 9.7±5.4. Twenty-three (10.0%) patients had either incomplete or complete spinal cord injury. Fifty-six (24.5%) patients underwent surgical intervention. Forty-three patients (18.7%) died within 6 months and increasing age and Charlson co-morbidity score were associated with higher mortality.

Conclusions Falls from standing comprise a large portion of the spinal service emergency workload. They are associated with a high 6 month mortality similar to other fragility fractures experienced by the elderly.

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