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#3119 Diagnosis and management of functional neurological symptoms: Saudi Arabia experience
  1. Lujain Khoja1,
  2. Abeer Khoja2,
  3. Saeed Shabaan2,
  4. Haythum Tayeb2
  1. 1University of Jeddah, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  2. 2King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Objectives To explore the opinion of todays neurologist and psychiatrist in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and outcome. It is a replication for Dutch experience with Functional Neurological symptoms Disorder (FND).

Methods A multi-centres Cross-sectional study was conducted in Saudi Arabia started from November 2019 and still ongoing. The target populations were a qualified psychiatrists or neurologists. Data were collected through an electronic questionnaire.

Results There were 70 respondents, 37.1% were female and 62.9% males. A 15.5% were Neurologists and 72.4% psychiatrists. Three questionnaires were taken out due to incompletion error. Most neurologists and psychiatrists believed that FND is a disorder of functioning of the nervous system together with psychogenic factors. However, 100% of psychiatrist believed that a prior psychological stress is a cause of the disorder (among other causes) while 86.84% of neurologists. Also found that, a 71% of patients who referred to neurologist were evaluated initially by a general practitioner, while 85% of the patients who referred to psychiatrist; were evaluated by neurologists. Eventually, most of the neurologists and the psychiatrists diagnosed patients by conversion disorder (13/38 of neurologist and 13/20 of psychiatrists).

Conclusion Our preliminary conclusion is comparable for Dutch experience that is not considered purely a psychiatric disorder and counted disordered brain functioning together with psychogenic factors responsible for FNS. However, the majority of the psychiatrists in our study diagnose FND as conversion disorder.

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