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H08 Multidisciplinary treatment and care working group – occupational therapy
  1. Kirsty Page1,
  2. Manon Van Kampen2,
  3. Alex Fisher3
  1. 1Hamberley Care Homes, Northampton, UK
  2. 2Atlant, Markenhof, the Netherlands
  3. 3Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health HNS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK


Background Occupational Therapy forms part of the EHDN Multidisciplinary Treatment and Care Working Group. The mission of this group is to improve quality of treatment and care for HD families.

Occupational therapists from the UK and Netherlands have joined together with the vision that a Huntington patient should be able to receive comparable assessment, treatment and care regardless of place of residence and that this should be done by experts. In short: Every Huntington patient must receive comparable, high-quality occupational therapy.

Aims/Methods To connect all occupational therapists working within care organizations and/or expertise centres affiliated with EHDN. For occupational therapists to join the working group to share clinical experience in the assessment, treatment and care of a person with HD. To be involved in case discussions, new developments, research and collaborate in evaluating the best practice guidelines for occupational therapists working with patients with HD.

Outcomes To coordinate occupational therapy processes and guidelines which are evidence based, best practice and consensus driven within the field of occupational therapy. To make these accessible to patients and families with HD. To collaborate with other all disciplines of the MDT and care working group and other EHDN working groups.

  • occupational therapy
  • multidisciplinary treatment and care working group
  • collaborate working
  • clinical consensus

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