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Pathogenic role of anti-cN1A autoantibodies in sporadic inclusion body myositis


Background Sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM) is an intractable muscle disease that frequently affects elderly people. Autoantibodies recognising cytosolic 5’-nucleotidase 1A (cN1A) were found in the sera of patients with sIBM. However, the pathogenic role of the autoantibodies remained unknown. This study investigated the pathogenic properties of the autoantibodies using active cN1A peptides immunisation.

Methods Wild-type C57BL6 mice were injected with three different mouse cN1A peptides corresponding to the previously reported epitope sequences of human cN1A. After confirming the production of autoantibodies to the corresponding cN1A peptides in each group, changes in body weight, exercise capacity by treadmill test and histological changes in mice injected with cN1A peptides or controls were investigated.

Results Autoantibodies against cN1A were detected in serum samples from mice injected with cN1A peptide. Some groups of mice injected with cN1A peptide showed significant weight loss and decreased motor activity. The number of myofibres with internal nuclei increased in all the peptide-injected groups, with surrounding or invading CD8-positive T cells into myofibres, abnormal protein aggregates and overexpression of p62 and LC3.

Conclusions Active cN1A peptide immunisation partially reproduced the clinical and histological aspects of sIBM in wild-type mice. The murine model demonstrates the pathogenic properties of anti-cN1A autoantibodies to cause sIBM-like histological changes.

  • INCL body myositis
  • neuroimmunology

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