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Association of choroid plexus volume with motor symptoms and dopaminergic degeneration in Parkinson’s disease


Background The choroid plexus (CP) is involved in the clearance of harmful metabolites from the brain, as a part of the glymphatic system. This study aimed to investigate the association between CP volume (CPV), nigrostriatal dopaminergic degeneration and motor outcomes in Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Methods We retrospectively searched drug-naïve patients with early-stage PD who underwent dopamine transporter (DAT) scanning and MRI. Automatic CP segmentation was performed, and the CPV was calculated. The relationship between CPV, DAT availability and Unified PD Rating Scale Part III (UPDRS-III) scores was assessed using multivariate linear regression. We performed longitudinal analyses to assess motor outcomes according to CPV.

Results CPV was negatively associated with DAT availability in each striatal subregion (anterior caudate, β=−0.134, p=0.012; posterior caudate, β=−0.162, p=0.002; anterior putamen, β=−0.133, p=0.024; posterior putamen, β=−0.125, p=0.039; ventral putamen, β=−0.125, p=0.035), except for the ventral striatum. CPV was positively associated with the UPDRS-III score even after adjusting for DAT availability in the posterior putamen (β=0.121; p=0.035). A larger CPV was associated with the future development of freezing of gait in the Cox regression model (HR 1.539, p=0.027) and a more rapid increase in dopaminergic medication in the linear mixed model (CPV×time, p=0.037), but was not associated with the risk of developing levodopa-induced dyskinesia or wearing off.

Conclusion These findings suggest that CPV has the potential to serve as a biomarker for baseline and longitudinal motor disabilities in PD.

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