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Towards an Integrative Approach to the Management of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1
  1. Cynthia Gagnon (cynthia.gagnon.1{at}
  1. Carrefour de santé de Jonquière, Canada
    1. Luc Noreau (luc.noreau{at}
    1. Laval University, Canada
      1. Richard T. Moxley (karen_berk{at}
      1. Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology, University of Rochester, School of Medicine, United States
        1. Luc Laberge (luc.laberge{at}
        1. Groupe Écobes, Canada
          1. Stéphane Jean (stephane_jean{at}
          1. Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada
            1. Louis Richer (louis_richer{at}
            1. Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada
              1. Michel Perron (michel.perron{at}
              1. Groupe Écobes, Canada
                1. Suzanne Veillette (suzanne.veillette{at}
                1. Groupe Écobes, Canada
                  1. Jean Mathieu (jmathieu50{at}
                  1. Université de Montréal, Canada


                    Myotonic dystrophy presents a broad spectrum of impairments, disabilities and disturbed social participation. Numerous factors, namely health, economic, social as well as educational levels, call for a comprehensive assessment framework. This article presents a conceptual model for the management of myotonic dystrophy type 1 and a discussion approach for developing interdisciplinary health and community services.

                    • Clinical management
                    • Conceptual framework
                    • Disability Creation Process
                    • myotonic dystrophy
                    • neuromuscular disorder

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