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Psychological adjustment to locked-in syndrome
  1. Mariola Sledz (mariola_sledz{at}
  1. Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, United Kingdom
    1. Michael Oddy (michael.oddy{at}
    1. Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, United Kingdom
      1. J Graham Beaumont (gbeaumont{at}
      1. Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, United Kingdom


        This study is a qualitative analysis of the psychological experience of a patient with locked-in syndrome. A series of his poems are utilised as the source of data using a grounded theory approach. Through this medium the patient demonstrates a human being can still enjoy quality of life and ‘mental freedom’ despite this extreme form of physical restriction. The study emphasises the obvious importance of providing opportunities for those with Locked-in Syndrome to converse and hence articulate and elaborate their cognitive adaptation to their condition. Spiritual beliefs alongside the opportunity to realise one’s artistic potential are highlighted as an important part of adjustment to the Locked-in condition.

        • locked-in syndrome
        • psycholgical adjustment

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