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  • St. Vitus Dance and Tourette Syndrome
    Hugh Rickards
    Dear Editor,

    Eftychiadis and Chen describe the fascinating history of St Vitus. Sydenham's description of a movement disorder which "attacks boys and girls from the tenth year till they have done growing..." certainly would make one think of tic disorders or Tourette syndrome.

    In my clinical practice, it is very common for people with tic disorders to give a family history of "St Vitus Dance". This, tied in with...

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  • Acquired hepatocerebral degeneration syndrome
    Mark Lewis
    Dear Editor,

    I read with interest the recent article by Stracciari et al.[1] They suggest that the pathogenesis of the acquired hepatocerebral degeneration syndrome (AHCD) is likely to be related to repeated episodes of hepatic encephalopathy; however, by their own admission there are cases where no such episodes have occurred.[2] Assuming therefore that these “never encephalopathic” cases are manifestations of the sa...

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