Table 2

Scope of proposed topics for systematic review

TopicReviewer and country
Primary prevention:
 Cycle helmetsFrederick Rivara, USA
 Interventions to reduce injury after alcohol drinkingTho Dinh, Carolyn DiGuiseppi, USA and UK
 Prevention of drowningFrederick Rivara, USA
 School based injury prevention programmesLiz Towner, UK
Secondary prevention and treatment (brain injury):
 BarbituratesIan Roberts, UK
 Calcium channel blockersCaroline Goldfrad, Julia Langham, Graham Teasdale, UK
 Colloids v crytalloids in critically ill patientsGill Schierhout, UK
 Endotracheal intubationFiona Lecky, UK
 HypothermiaDave Signorini, UK
 MannitolGill Schierhout, UK
 Mechanical ventilationGill Schierhout, UK
 Medical antishock trousersIan Roberts, UK
 Multisensory stimulationFrancesco Lombardi, Anna Mazzucchi, Italy
 Nutrition: parenteralv enteralColette O’Kane, Phil Alderson, UK
 Prophylactic antiepilepticsGill Shierhout, UK
 SteroidsPhil Alderson, Ian Roberts, UK
Secondary prevention and treatment (spinal cord injury):
 GM-1 gangliosideMichael Bracken, UK
 NaloxoneMichael Bracken, UK
 SteroidsMichael Bracken, UK
 Interventions in neuromotor speech disordersMarjorie Lorch, Chad Nye, Renata Whurr, UK
 Organisation of brain rehabilitation servicesDouglas Gentleman, UK
 Treatment of agressive behaviourSimon Fleminger, UK
 Pharmacological approaches for spacticityMariangela Tarricco, Elena Telaro, Italy
 Vocational rehabilitationSimon Fleminger, UK