Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the patients

Patient NoSexCutaneous angiomaSeizures before SPECT (age at 1st seizure)Characteristics at the time of SPECT examinationFollow up
AgeCT signsMRI signsAEDNeurological examinationMental development
1MLeftNo8 daysNoneWMHNoneNormal2 y
No10 mNonePBNormalNormal
2MLeftNo15 daysPHWMH, PH1-150 NoneNormalNormal1 y
No10 mA, PHPBR hemianopsiaNormal
3FLeftNo (14 m)17 daysNoneWMHNoneNormalNormal1.5 y
No (14 m)11 mNonePBNormalNormal
4FRightNo (3 m)1 mNonePBNormalNormal2 y
5MLeftNo (6 m)1 mPHPBNormalMildly delayed6 y
Yes (6 m)10 mPH, A, CEAPBNormalNormal6 y
6MRightNo1 mAA, PH, WMHPBNormalNormal6 m
7MRightNo1 mPHWMHNoneNormalNormal2 y
No6 mPBNormalNormal
8MLeftNo1.5 mNoneNonePBNormalNormal1 y
9FLeftNo (23 m)1.5 mNoneNonePBNormalNormal2 y
10FRightNo (3 m)2 mPHWMHPBNormalNormal2 y
Yes (3 m)7 mACBZNormalNormal
11MLeftNo (7 m)3.5 mPHNoneNormalNormal5 y
Yes (7 m)7.5 mPHPBR hemiparesisNormal7 y
12MRightNo12 mAAPBNormalNormal5 y
13FBilateralYes (7 days)2 mA, PHA, WMHPBHypotoniaSeverely delayed4 y
14FRightYes (1 day)2.5 mA, CEPBNormalMildly delayed7 y
15MLeftYes (3 m)3.5 mA, CE, PHPB, CZPR hemiplegiaNormal1.5 y
16FLeftYes (9 m)9 mNoneCBZ, CLBR hemiparesisSpeech delayed7 y
17FLeftYes (6 m)9 mNoneCE, WMHVPANormal5 y
18MLeftYes (4 m)11 mCE, CPBR hemiplegiaMildly delayed3 y
19MNoneYes (3 weeks)13 mA, CPBL hemiparesisSpeech delayed7 y
20MRightYes (3 m)15 mA, CEA, CE, WMHCBZ, CZPL hemiplegiaSeverely delayyed1.5 y
21MLeftYes (13 m)17 mOECBZNormalMildly delayed8 y
22MLeftYes (11 m)24 mA, CEACBZNormalSpeech delayed2 y
  • 1-150 Injection of gadolinium performed.

  • m = months; y = years; PH = choroid plexus hypertrophy; A = atrophy; CE = contrast enhancement; C = calcifications; WMH = white matter hypersignal; AED = antiepileptic drugs; PB = phenobarbitone; CBZ = carbamazepine; CLB = clobazam; CZP = clonazepam.