Table 4

Severity of adverse effects (number of patients)

Clozapine (n=17)Placebo (n=16)
No adverse effects114-150
Mild (no consequences)34
Moderate (dose reduction necessary)84-151 1
Severe (trial suspension necessary)64-152
  • 4-150 Trial suspension forced by intercurrent illness in one patient.

  • 4-151 Reason for dose reduction (number of patients): drowsiness (three); confusion (one); urinary incontinence (one); walking difficulties (one); dizziness (one); increased liver enzymes (one).

  • 4-152 Reason for trial suspension (number of patients): urinary incontinence (one); walking/speaking difficulties (one); orthostatic hypotension/syncope (one); increased liver enzymes (two); epileptic seizure (one).